• The founder of KOYASAN, JAPAN

    Kūkai a.k.a Kōbō-Daishi

    Words from The Grand Master Who Propagated the Buddhist Teaching

  • Words from Kūkai

    Excerpts from the Book  

    "Good and Evil"

    "Nothing has a definite nature, so people cannot be purely evil.

    Even so-called evil people will aspire to follow a moral path when they feel a sense of community."


    - 'Hizouhouron' written by Kūkai a.k.a Kōbō-Daishi

    Page 51

    "Rich and Poor"

    "The rich are trapped by fear of losing their property; the poor are trapped by hunger and cold."


    - 'Rishukyoukaidai' written by Kūkai a.k.a Kōbō-Daishi

    Page 43


    "Enlightenment is not far off; it has been present within the mind since birth.

    The true self is not outside the body.

    Where should I seek it then, without discarding the body?"


    - 'Hannya shingyo hiken' written by Kūkai a.k.a Kōbō-Daishi

    Page 5

    "Attaining enlightenment in this very existence"

    "In Esoteric Buddhism, there are practices known as the Three Secrets.

    The first is Body Practice, that is,

    to make symbolic signs using the fingers to be one with the holy Buddhist saints.


    The second is ..."


    - 'Hizo horon' written by Kūkai a.k.a Kōbō-Daishi

    Page 24

    "Esoteric Buddhism"

    "Esoteric Buddhism is a portal that transcends all space in an instant.

    With it, you can surely attain Buddha-hood whilst you are alive."


    - 'Jujushinron' written by Kūkai a.k.a Kōbō-Daishi

    Page 31


    "Although it is said that it is impossible to be disturbed by anything upon reaching enlightenment,

    I could not help but cry upon bidding farewell to a loved one."


    - 'Shouryoushu' written by Kūkai a.k.a Kōbō-Daishi

    Page 37

    "Ehical Man"

    "An ethical man thinks of others first and himself last."


    - 'Sanmayakaijyo' written by Kūkai a.k.a Kōbō-Daishi

    Page 52


    "Perception of an object varies according to the mind.

    When the mind is polluted, the object becomes tainted."


    - 'Shouryoushu' written by Kūkai a.k.a Kōbō-Daishi

    Page 49

  • Kūkai a.k.a Kōbō-Daishi


    He was a Japanese monk, civil servant, scholar, poet, and artist.


    He is the founder of the historic monastic community known as Koyasan in Japan and the originator of Shingon (mantra) Esoteric school of Buddhism.


    Legend has it that he has not died but entered into an eternal meditation and is still alive on Mount Koya.

    The founder of Koyasan and Shingon Esoteric school of Buddhism

    The 8th patriarch of Esoteric (Tantric) Buddhism

    The originator of the pilgrimage circuit of 88 temples on Shikoku

  • Kōya-san and Kobo Daishi

    Mount Kōya, Wakayama, JAPAN

    Top of Mountain

    Koyasan is located in Wakayama Prefecture in Western Japan. Kobo Daishi initiated the Buddhist monastery at the top of this mountain which is 3,000 feet above sea level. There are numerous temples, shrines, stupas and religious halls atop Koyasan. Kongobuji Temple is the Headquarters of the Koyasan Shingon Mission, which comprises over 4,000 temples in Japan. At present, there are three schools for monks and nuns, a university, a monastery high school and a kindergarten operated by the mission.

    World Heritage

    Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, and then granted three stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan in 2009, Koyasan is becoming increasingly popular with visitors from all over the world.

    Eternal Meditation

    In 816, after receiving permission from Emperor Saga, Kobo Daishi officially founded the seminary community of Koyasan. Since its induction, he dedicated himself to the work of creating an Esoteric Buddhism School while providing spiritual support for the common people. Kobo Daishi entered into eternal meditation on March 21, 835, surrounded by his devoted disciples. He is believed to be alive and continues to provide relief to those who ask for salvation.